Wednesday, 20 July 2011


'Butch', [or it he 'Dutch'] at home in his hutch

The new little boy piggie is settling in nicely thank you. Apparently he was a tad pissed off when he arrived but soon felt better when he saw Maclaren had be ejected from the best hutches and sent to the pig-hose to the side - once the chickens had been ejected from there that is. Now little piggie is situated between two or is it three lady piggies and is already showing more interest in them than Maclaren ever did. The only problem at the moment is that he would need a step ladder to 'do the business' . Oh well, he is a bit young yet and will have to make do with humping The Crofter's wellington boot till he grows up a bit.

On that note, or perhaps because of little piggies current predilection of humping the Crofter's boot, The Crofter is feeling coy about calling the little piggie his given name of 'Butch' preferring 'Dutch'. Eh?

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