Thursday, 14 July 2011


Pigs in ...... their hutches

I took myself off to see Dad Crofter, holding the fort on his own. There was a hole in the ground and beneath it was a pipe. With a hole in it. "Oh" I exclaimed wondering what on earth..... "I put the pick axe through it" came the reply. Sure enough, on inspection the gash in the water pipe was somewhat pick-end shaped. The hole was being dug to join another pipe to this pipe to take water into the 'thing'.

We ummed and ahhed a bit then I took Dad Crofter to town to get some pipe and bits to mend the thing. The animals need water if no-one else does. In no time, on our return the pipe was mended, the new joint put in and the hole gone.

Meanwhile The Crofter is having a fine time at the Yorkshire Show.

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