Saturday, 9 July 2011


 The Crofter meditates on life and a trip on t'mainland

The deed has been done

It's quieter down on The Croft after the Tolsta strangler aka Papa Doc Dad Crofter permanently quietened one the cockerels that was keeping half the village awake at 4am during these light nights. I know, I hate the idea of it too but these things happen down on the croft. especially when you gossip a lot in the middle of the night like that cockerel did.

The Crofter 'imself is off to Yorkshire for a few days with Mum Crofter to visit Yorkshire show like. It's a sort of re-living his past since that's the area he hails from. Meanwhile Maclaren, the saddleback boar who has got bored with helping produce little saddlebacks is being superceeded by a little Yorkshire born saddleback boar that will be coming back home with Mum [Crofter] and the Crofter.

Dad Crofter will be keeping the place ticking over and no doubt enjoying a bit of peace of quiet in the process. I shall pay a visit to pass the time of day with him.

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