Thursday, 17 April 2014


Mr Crofter Sir is happy. Very happy. Very happy indeed.

In fact I've not seen him this happy since I fell in the muck near the piggy hutches some years ago. Perhaps I have never seen The Crofter THIS happy. I mean, he smiled at me this morning. I checked over my shoulder and everything to see who he was smiling at and it was me. I knew at that point something had changed. Something was up as it were. Shook me to the core I can you you. Wandered out to look at the coows to get over the shock I did. It didn't help.


Mr Crofter was still happy when I went back into The Factory to see him again. Talked about strawberry custard and chocolate cake. I'm not sure I have had that sort of conversation before - with anyone. Particularly with The Crofter - him of the committees and everything.

Must be something afoot - apart from the custard and cake that is. I'm very happy Mr Crofter is very happy tho.

An Un-smiling Crofter

No more sheeplettes to report yet. And the coows are doing well. Turk is turk and Mr Crofter is happy - or have I already said that?

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