Tuesday, 1 April 2014


The Crofter was in particular effusive mood when we last spoke. Had plans and everything. Can't tell you them all since they embargoed till Easter.

I can tell you though that The Croft is going to be rid of his stroppy coows - and not before time. The number of times I've nearly had my arms ripped off as the gooses cackle with delight escapes me. A lot anyway.

The coows will be replaced with a ratite beast of better or at least different temperament. Fences are going to have be a tad higher but sure to be a grant available for that. And the ground may have to be drained a bit more but the Ostrichs will be very happy to shelter from time to time when we have some damp, breezy weather in the new soon to be built barn. They can produce huge omelettes, meat - obviously, feather and hides which could make the project quite sustainable and possibly even profitable. Which would be a first!

Mr Crofter Sir seems has been thumbing frantically through his copies of BDOA booklet - an online copy which can be seen here. I only hope Hector the Vet is ready for this.

This one is in for a shock!

I've got my cameras loaded already!

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