Thursday, 10 April 2014


There was 'stuff' lurking on the fence as I arrived and then came crashing down to earth as I moved past. It was the wind I tell you.

I'd gone down to The Croft to see young Persistence, the newly foaled coowlette of Ms Tinga, the stroppy coow of the village - trust me. Nearly had me this morning she did. Rushing at me and everything. If it hadn't been for the fence and byre wall I'd have fallen full length in 'it'. As it was, it will wash off. Hope so anyway. Persistence is so called because of her late arrival on the scene. Everyone but The Crofter and TBS were beginning to despair of her. But no, there was the little one yesterday morn all bright eyed and wet as the rain came down. Persistence is back in her byre now so you can stop worrying.

And Mr Crofter was making late breakfast. So he won't starve.

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