Friday, 14 March 2014


Happy Birthday Mr Crofter Sir, you of the committees etc.

May it be a grand day not overrun by factory work, shouting gooses and complaining four legged beasts. I for one wish you the very best for the coming year and I'm sure our reader will too - whoever it is.

I have not shown you a snap of his mush as I thought you might be eating your breakfast when you see this and we wouldn't want to ruin your day would we?


  1. Andrea,
    I was writing you a comment. The cyber-gods got it. It was a nice comment about your blog. It addressed your lovely quirky, funny, affectionate blog - writing and photos. The cyber-gods are protective of Tolsta; they don't want too much happening there in one day. A car passing through, or someone staying in No. 1 is more than enough excitement for a week, never mind a single day - like the arrival of a new cowlette, or a couple of sheeps.

    About your reader: Some of your readers may be like you and me, and only 'say' when they have something to say - like when you post. And some may be like me and find it hard to 'say.' I would far rather send a quiet note offline, because my comments to you are not going to be especially interesting to others. Bloggers have broached this subject before, understandably curious about where there readers are, or curious about IF their readers are. Well, I am, and I am not the only one. I am fascinated with the world you create and reveal on your blog, and I cannot help but think others are as well. So, keep the faith! McGregor

  2. Thank you so much McGregor. Very nice of you to visit and such a lovely comment too.

  3. Happy Birthday Mr Crofter and thank you Andrea


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