Thursday, 6 March 2014


The Crofter had a sparkle in his eyes today. Smiled and everything. Was chatty. Asked about my little jaunt to the mainland and all. I liked that. Nice. Should smile with his eyes more often. Although the moment was dashed with the porkies threatening to kill each other, fighting - or at least making a right old row in their hutches. I'd already been out and given them a stern word or two earlier. I felt I had too. Sort of thing my old Mum used to do. Not to porkies mind you. I'm not really sure she knew any porkies. Not four legged ones anyway.

The Crofter was soon up out of the warm Tooth Factory and into the yard. I didn't hang about to hear what he said to those porkies. But I suspect he still has a sparkle in his eye.

Ahhh. There's the new little coowlette all snugged up in the byre, mumsey making sure I can't get a decent snap of it without me ending dangling from her sharp horns.

Oh and there's Dad Crofter clearing the muck. Come on boys and girls, here comes The Crofter. We better hide hadn't we? Weeeeed.

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