Thursday, 23 January 2014


The Crofter is happy. Write it in your diary now! Well he was happy yesterday when I paid a little visitation cameras in hand and all that. Found the fine fellow singing to hmself or maybe he was singing to Shawn - who knows. He seemed happy all the same as he shovelled sh, sh,,, stuff out of the back of partially collapsed pig-hutch on account of said piggies eating the walls, leaning and goodness knows what else on them.

Look there's the Crofter serenading Shawn / Shaun with snatches of Iron Maiden or something as melodic as the chicks/Ducks scurry away in fright. I do hope Ms Gemma doesn't read this or else The Crofter might be in deep doodoos. Ah well.

Look how happy the man is. For a Man he is. It might have been a tad dark this day - mid-morning and the day hadn't brightened much. In fact it didn't brighten much at all all day.

And there's Shawn/Shaun looking Very pleased with his lot as he helped shovel the stuff from the pig-hutch and everything.

Oh happy days

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