Friday, 17 January 2014


Is there anyone out there still reading this stuff? I mean, I religiously post every now and again even when nothing much happens. I trot off down the road and say "bonjour Mhah" to The Crofter, nod sagely to Dad Crofter and have a chat to Mum. Tickle turks head, scratch the piggies, grumble at the geeses who shout and scream in return. Step in poo, struggle with the gates, fall over a less then strategically placed rock, get rained on, chat and from time to time take a snap for your delectation. Actually I take a few snaps but you don't always get to see them here. I'm not going to show you my 'best' ones am I?

Anyway, the little piglings stood still long enough for me to take a portrait and now they want to know if anyone cares about them Eh? Do write and I'll let them know you care about their plight.


  1. I care! Keep the posts coming, its good to keep up to date with all of the happenings on the croft.

  2. I read the posts regularly and enjoy them and your wonderful photos. Thank you.

  3. I care too and love the black and white photos!

  4. We check the blog regularly, nice to see what the Crofter family is up to, so keep the posts coming!
    From Gemma, Ann and Richard :)

  5. I love your post! Please keep them coming.


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