Tuesday, 14 January 2014


I found Shaun outside The Croft just about to continue his days work for The Crofter. Shaun lives down there by the sea at the top of the cliff sort of place, looking out over The Minch towards the mainland. He's a fine lad who has been helping The Crofter with the heavy work while The Crofter sits in his nice warm tooth factory earning the money.

There's the pile of chippings Shaun is gradually moving from here - Goose Alley - to the coow shed. It least it was the coow shed but now the coows live out on the apportionment and lots of the other animules - two and four legged - have lived there from time to time. And that's the tooth factory on the right - with the bags of stuff on the roof to stop it flying away in the winds we have. It wasn't always like that and The Crofter has the broken window in the hoose to prove it. The coow shed has had the muck shovelled out of it now and the chippings - soon to be hammered down - made the place look nice  and tidy. I just hope The Crofter doesn't decide to get some tall coows.

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