Thursday, 27 December 2012


The Crofter passes SlartibartfastLand  on the way to the beach

Look, that's almost a smile. For The Crofter that's a smile anyway. Christmas Day it was. Eve and I dragged The Crofter down to the beach in the sunshine for a spot of mulled wine and some cake. Lovelee it was too. Only it seems the walk almost killed the fellow. Called in today this morning - more sun as it happens - and he tells me he hasn't been out for four days. Well, despite my maths not being what it wasn't, I can't count four days between then and now. But he did sound rough I must admit. Coughing and everything. Dr phoned him and everything while I was there so he's off to be listened too. when the coows have been fed that is. Once the Land-Rover has been started. Then he will be listened too.

Mum and Dad Crofter who have also been under the weather are recovering well since you ask.

These snappettes where taken with the Fuji GSW690. All under-exposed. Eh?

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