Wednesday, 19 December 2012


The Crofter's first Christmas visitor arrived today in real style. A big green trailer with nicely turned out attendants turned up and out strode Oink-oink.

Don't look at me like that. I don't make these names up you know. Well, not all of them and certainly not this one. I mean, talk about creativity!!!

Anyway, Oink-oink is a lovely Gloucester old spot piggi come over to the croft for a spot of cuddling with Butch - a saddleback. Can't imagine what the little-uns going to look like.

Oink-oink in her holiday hutch [wink, wink. nudge, nudge]

As usual, I was totally unprepared for this unexpected [to me] arrival and shot the snaps with a piece of plastic loaded with very slow film. Too slow as it happens. But you get the drift..... I mean, what do you expect? Art?

Mr Crofter watches Oink-oink

The Crofter and his Dad contemplate as Oink-oink settles in.

 Then off to feed the other boys and girls

 Butch sidles over to see who has arrived

 Eye candy, Butch stylee.

 Dad Crofter awaits with more food.

Then retreats behind the new gate to watch the 'fun' with mum Crofter.

There's a bit of a racket down at the croft now. Just for a change. Must be more food on the way as Ms Oink-oink isn't ready for any handy-panky yet. She has her reputation to think of!

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