Saturday, 21 April 2012



The boys

Of course boys will be boys. They have a quad to play with, a tractor too. Lucy the Land Rover sits newly painted while the other LR - lacking is a suitably solid chassis [and other bits I'm reliably told are not that important ]- is used around the croft to take feed here and there. Or something.

Now there is a recent addition to the growing scrapyard. The Pimped up Mobile - all shiny and black with smoked windows and everything. I'm assured this one works perfectly [apart from the bits that don't anyway - and they are not at all important - I'm told]. I couldn't bring myself to snap it up the other day - so bemused I was with it's presence and blinded by the effulgence of it's bodywork [at the moment!].

Sue stood by seemingly as bemused as I.

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