Thursday, 5 April 2012


 Toward Tolsta Head

Washing the boot

The Crofter was out on his neighbours croft yesterday. He has a kind agreement to graze his animules there from time to time and there are four sheeps of the male kind down there at the moment. While on the bottom of his croft lurks the coows. Only it's easier to get to the bottom of his croft from next door on account of the soft ground on his side. Something to do with a spring.

I snapped up The Crofter and his dad from a distance [because of Harry the doog I had on a lead at the time ] shifting the last of the silage to the coows. The sun was out and everything [this was yesterday. Yes, I am a day late !!! ]. We came back and Mr Crofter washed his boot. His left one.

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