Wednesday, 11 April 2012


 Lucy the Land Rover gets an airing

The air was lovely this morning - despite the black cloud looming over the back of the village. I took the opportunity to tootle off down to see the Crofter and see what mayhem was afoot. To my surprise I found Lucy the recalcitrant Land Rover out of her hutch and glowing [almost] the the sunshine. Mr Crofter was bowing before her urging her to start - which she didn't. She's been living inside o'er the winter and the shock of the fresh air rather took her by surprise.

 Crofter's parents

Mum was doing things inside but popped her head out the door to say hello while Dad smiled. He always smiles as it happens., Unlike The Crofter.

 The Crofter meets a girlie

Soon we were out on a croft-field. Not Mr Crofter's but one he has a week or so of use since one lamb came early and he hasn't brought the girls home yet. Feed was the attraction and we soon had a lovely greeting before the hoards bound over.


Yes, they were all hungry. Even the four desperadoes who didn't want to come in last year and sport raggedy coats on account of not have been sheared came over.

But ex-boys will be boys - as these two who have had a close encounter with a tight elastic band proved.  In no time they were carrying on like they had just fallen out of a Stornoway bar! Mr Crofter was not amused I can tell you!

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