Friday, 14 November 2014


While Ms Crofter whiles away the days painting her nails, training the chickens to dance and fluffing up Widdle's coat the stove is holding yet another culinary masterpiece. This time it's Diogenes and potato pie. Smelled awful when I popped in for a gander - but then I never did like or eat meat. Gemma seemed happy enough though and I'm sure the The Crofter won't be complaining.

Ah, look. The poor Crofter has to scratch a living for his expanding entourage by knocking up a few teeth in his factory. He is, I might add, very good at what he does - I know, I used to do a similar thing some years ago although that was just after teeth were discovered.

Here's a few snappers nestling together waiting for that final flourish that makes them the best on the island - and the Highlands too I should imagine.

Are they yours? Are they?

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