Monday, 29 September 2014


Three bales

Oh it's all go down on The Croft [so I'm told.]. Ted the wooley-back white boy sheeps went missing then made an appearance again. Appears he prefers the next doors croft to eat - and who can blame him? The Crofter, that's who.

Meanwhile The Crofter is busily painting the hoosey. tiling the hoosey and what have you in anticipation of Gemma - who arrives soon. After Widdle spent some time in the wee hoosey, it requires a little going over I can tell you. Widdle is now looking outside a bit and only allowed in the scullery - except when he's allowed where-ever he wants to go that is. Which seems to be most of the time to be honest.

And Mr Crofter Sir, him of the tooth factory is still trying to catch up with The Work. Eh? What work?


  1. Hope Ted isn't getting himself into anymore trouble!

    Won't be long now until I'm joining in with the madness... can't wait!!

  2. Gosh, Mrs. I should have put money on you getting on here wit a comment within 10 mins of me posting :-)

  3. Hehehe! Missing Mr Crofter, so I like the updates to see what I'm missing. :)


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