Friday, 30 November 2012


The potatoes are in. Dad Crofter went out and dug the rest of the Shetland Black Potatoes out of the ground before the rooks did for them. David found one such tuber on an adjoining croft after the feathered creatures nicked them then dropped them.

Dad Crofter digging

Told you they were black!

Meanwhile, back in the house, Mum Crofter is busy making Doris Pies to compliment the Doris Burgers and the like. Despite me not eating meat, they did look lovely. There is no time to waste at The Croft as there is so much to do - and Mr Crofter Sir, 'im of the... etc is busy making money in the toof factory.

Doris pies

Mr Crofter used his hard-earned money and bought himself a clock. Another clock as it happens. And no it is not a Westminster since you ask, and no it does not show the correct time here either - just like the other mechanical clocks in the place. It's a croft. Eh?

Still, the little plastic alarm clock is showing the correct time - and isn't moving backwards either.


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