Wednesday, 28 November 2012


 Mum Crofter

 Hanging things

Yes, they are still there. Keeping the croft going, bringing in the pennies and moving sheeps from here to there. Only, two sheeps Fluff and Rambo have been kept on at The Croft as guard sheeps. Venture anywhere near and Rambo will eventually hobble over for a scratch behind the ears while Fluff runs off to hide - or to continue to eat his way through the thin looking hedge.

There's things hanging in the - whatever room it is now. Long meaty things that were Maclaren I think. They make a nice snap though so that's what I do - snap them up with Sue cleaning windows.

Outside the winter sun is shining with rain always lurking springing the inevitable rainbow, single or even double, over the croft, over the sea or anywhere. The Starlings are always around looking for un-eaten piggie/duck/turkey/chicklette nosh. They make wild patterns in the sky as they murmur around. Crofter's Dad isn't so keen on them as he says they spread disease to the croft animuls. And perhaps there is some research to support this..

Monochrome rainbow with starlings

The Crofter is still busy in the tooth factory. Managing to give a thorough steam clean to the place when two Burcos didn't switch off overnight as they were supposed to do - all part of the teef making process. The Crofter remained calm in the circumstanes which rather upset his plans for the day.

Teef awaiting finishing

Rambo and Fluff guard the Chinese Tractor

The tractor is working again after a slight hiatus with the starter motor. And the rev counter that goes backwards, and the fuel gauge that doesn't work. I could go on but I won't.

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