Thursday, 16 August 2012


 Mum Crofter sorting eggs

 The Crofter/tooth-maker sorting teeth

Washing; sorted.

Yes, it's been/is hot. The piggies are even lazier than usual - as if that were possible. Washing has been drying in an hour and the two legged feathery beasties are getting rumpatious. But they are still laying - which is just as well since we get our eggs from The Crofter. Fresh as you can get them really. Sometimes we come away with fresh veg too - which is always wonderful. 

The pigs have not been producing piglets of late which means The Crofter has bacon in mind. Something I can't even bear to think about. Neither can the piggies I should imagine but they do eat a lot and little else so perhaps they have had their day. 

Meanwhile Mr Crofter has been playing in the tooth factory rather frequently of late. As a result, the raw toofs stocks are running a tad lo. Maybe it's time to re-stock.

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  1. Seems you can never have enough teef....a bit like piglets probably!


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