Friday, 10 August 2012


Homeless Turks 

I dreamt a lot last night. So much so it woke me up at 3 am and I didn't want to go back into sleep and that dream. You see I dreamt i was homeless. No home, no loving partner and no money. A bit of a nightmare really and something I hope I'll never experience.

Down at t'croft, the turks are experiencing a little of my dream and I felt for them. Their sty has been dismantled [before it fell down] and a new shed was being built. Bits of wood and wrinkled iron [the new sort] lay thereabouts, hammering filtered up the village as The Crofter persuaded another nail into the wood.

Wood on wrinkled iron

Up, up and away

Seems like the new shed is much bigger than the last - and it's not for the poor turks either. Their new home will be built later. Apparently, Mr Crofter Sir will be using hay rather than silage this next year for the coows as it keeps better - if indoors. Hence the big shed!

Family building Co.

I think Mr Crofter likes building things. There has been three incarnations of chicken houses in the last four years for example. The coow sheds change shape most years and sometimes location too. And don't get me started about the pig hutches either!

Dad Crofter doing stuff.

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