Friday, 26 August 2011


 The Crofter.

The Crofter has had a lot on his mind lately what with this and that although, not much of the other. Committee things have been busy but the animals don't seem to care.
 The 1961 mechanically sound Massey

Murdo's Massey Ferguson still lays where it broke down waiting for a 'bit' to make it work again.

 The Cucumber

The Crofter's veg crop is doing just fine at the moment although I'm not sure it will pass EU regs ! Yes, it is a cucumber.

 The Crofter's machine

The Crofter's tractor is working and it was doing fine service mowing the grass in the next doors croft while his coows shouted at us next door. I broke a rule and mucked in to give the beasts some cut grass in the hope that the coows would shut up and not bring on the tinnitus. They did. For a little while anyway.
 The Crofter's [exiled] Shetland Coows wondering why the tractor is actually working
The Crofter and the village weighing thing

The young sheeps are getting bigger every day so The Crofter borrowed the village weighing stocks to see if the sheeps were big enough to send to market. I whispered in the sheeps ears to stop eating so much to save their little lives. It will come to no good..

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