Thursday, 4 August 2011


 Making teeth

 Almost done

It's hot work.

The silage has been bagged and piled high in an available piece of land. Piled high so the mice won't nibble at all the plastic coverings and make it rot. One roll of silage sits away from the others and I'm informed "it stinks" as there's the remains of a rabbit in it that got caught up in the machine. Sad eh?.

It's hot work on a warm day and The Crofter takes a rest in the rear loading pod of the YangtzeMaotsetunSon tractor that has, as it happens, wheezed its way into a suitable place. Tis working now I'm told, but for how long?

The silage is cut by the Men of the village who sell it to The Crofter. The Crofter earns his crust making false teeth. How else would he pay for the silage?? Now, today it's raining.

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