Saturday, 14 May 2011


 Eve says hello to a Big Mac. "Tha gaol agam ort" snorts Mac
Pigs out, Crofter in the hutch
Maclaren had a visitor the other day. Took a nibble out of Eve's boot in the process too - which was rather ungrateful I think. Still, Eve didn't argue since Mac is rather stronger than she is. The Crofter was doing a house-swap for the day or something.

Meanwhile Hector was causing wild excitement in the village when the wheel fell of his trailer re-claimed from a croft somewhere. It was to replace the trailer whose wheel fell off the other day! Anyway, the kindly Crofter helped Hector move the stricken trailer to the side of the single-track road - along with a Alec Murray employee who happened to be stuck behind Hector at the time. They lifted up the trailer to see why the wheel fell off - and the other one came off too. Rust! Who'ed have thought it! Here ??

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