Wednesday, 4 May 2011


" We are Coffee and Cream"
"I may be Nigel you know"

I've been busy. Peats and all that. The Crofter tells me he's been busy too but I caught him sat out in the sun with Mum & Dad Crofter fanning himself Royally with some envelope my dear Eve had given him. Tis true he's been pulling out lambs into a new world for them. and what a world it is at the moment [disregarding the marauding would-be MSPs/doom-mongers] dawn to dusk sunshine and warmth that soon sees the little lamblettes leaping around the croft as if they'd been watching Britain's got Lambs or something. As usual i've been frantically naming the little creatures since lamblettes with names stay around for a deal longer that those who just have ear-tags. Or so it seems.
There's a quartet of little white woolie 'bears' and some suspiciously wooolie black 'bears' too. A result of a visit of a  white woolie ram some time earlier. You can see Coffee and Cream and Nigel here. And Mum Crofter too.

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