Saturday, 16 April 2011


Apologies for the lack of service in this area but things have been going on - both here and down at The Croft.
Since it's nearly lambing time for The Crofter, he went out to collect up the sheeps to bring them to a local bit of grass from the common grazings. Only, they weren't all were they should have been. Not hefted and all that probably. The Crofter and his Dad walked Tolsta Head looking for them but could not locate ten sheeps including their bestest ram. Not only that, Crofter and dad were somewhat tired from their long walk.
 The Crofters on t'quad.
The Seagull awaits

No sooner than this had been realised than a quad bike appeared among the 'car-park' that is the scrap-heap of metal vehicles in the fore-yard - or whatever they call it this week. This made the task of finding and bringing the errant sheeps back to the fold much easier and now the fields are full and the mini-sheeps imminent.

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