Sunday, 19 December 2010


Eve awaits action at the Croft in her Glastonbury Carnival hat
The Crofter's dad strolls in the sunshine
The Crofter's dad starts work - the Crofter is nowhere to be seen!

Gosh the day dawned bright. But keen as mustard - the proper Colman's type and everything - Eve and I leapt out of bed dressed quickly and shot and slid down the road to The Croft. Twas mighty quiet there. Turks - a few of the remaining turks that is - were keeping in the warm of their housey. Piggies were still sleeping and cows were quiet too. No sign of The Crofter either - but since he'd been out for an iron-bru or two with a pal the night before that wasn't too much of a surprise. Flush with bright sunshine and early-morning energy, Eve and I burst into tuneless song with a few verses of carols we knew.
Still no sign of The Crofter.
So we stood and waited until The Crofter's dad strolled purposefully down t'road to The Croft, clad in his yellow wellies and Roger-rabbit hat.
Then all of a sudden The Crofter was there trying to look like he'd been up for hours and whinging about the racket!!

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