Thursday, 16 December 2010


Friday on the croft may well look like this; minus some turkeys that is :-(
There's a whole day's work ahead.

The snow went and now cometh again. The Crofter called in earlier to roast his toes in front of our fire then reversed all the way back [200 mtrs!] to his croft in the snow using the old [actually, newer Land-Rover]. As you do.
As I look out of the window the snow lies around about all crisp and uneven. No doubt the sheeps will be asleep but chilly as the wind howls.

For those Leicafile forum-ites, this was 20ish mins in 1:50 Rodinal semi agitating in-between me washing a vandyke print, warming my toes and drinking camomile tea. Classic movie copy-film in a nice camera - sharp as you like. As I like anyway.

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