Thursday, 7 October 2010


PigPig is in the pig-house after some very naughty exploits.
Dad Crofter had taken PigPig out onto the croft for a run while he cleared out the pig-pen. Job done he went in for a cup of tea. Mr Crofter imself was making teeth. Mr Crofter then heard a noise of squealing, grunting and asked Dad Crofter where PigPig was. Dad Crofter realised she was still on the crofter - or thought she was. Instead he found PigPig gorging herself on the contents of the poly-tunnel after finding herself in there after bursting through the plastic while trying to get back to her dear little 10. Gone are the squash plants, the tomatoes and what ever else was in there. And PigPig didn't want her tea either!

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