Saturday, 16 October 2010


Lucy gets a tickling

Mr Crofter has a new vehicle to trash. When I say 'new' what i really mean is 'new to him' since the blimin thing was made in 1970 - older than the Great Man imself. It is, as the last one was , a Land Rover. A sort of green-welly version of the Massey Ferguson so loved hereabouts. Unlike the last one, this one works properly despite its age - or will do once the Crofter sorts the door that threatens to fall off and when he finds out how to use the plethora of gear levers that populate the otherwise spartan cab. But it has got a galvanised chassis which I am told 'is a good thing' up here in these salty climes. I'll take his word for it since the old non galvanised chassis rover and the one before that are not at all healthy in the chassis department.!
Please welcome Lucy into the Crofter family.

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