Saturday, 14 August 2010


"My other tractor is a Lamborgini" :-) Murdo urges his tractor up the croft.

Murdo, Dad Crofter and Murdo
Grass rolling - or something very like that!

The boys were playing with their toys today. Thought there was a lot of roaring up and down the road this morning, black smoke filling the morning air, gannets coughing in the diesel fumes as old tractors rushed well, perhaps rushed is a tad over the top but at least moved up and down the road a lot.
On investigation I find Mr Crofter in charge of a Big Affair - the wrapping of the grass bales. Murdo and Murdo were cutting and rolling and loading with Dad Crofter in a croft up t'road then Murdo - no, not that one, the other one - drove the load down to The Croft where Hector, Mum crofter and Mr Crofter imself were wrapping the things in clingfilm. Or something. Apparently its for the coows. Seeing the coows are not my best pals - although I am rather partial to Spartacus and Diogenes, at least until their horns grow anyway - all this work I find to be rather tiresome. I snapped the action and went home tired.

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