Saturday, 7 August 2010


"Oh, goodness, what have I done!!!"
Turk, checking it all out.
The wall, without the wall

The Crofter has been playing with his toys again! No doubt waiting for piggy to sprout has bored him. The garden wall has gone. We arrived for a brief visitation having strolled down from our residence to find sheep fences tied cross the 'drive'. Turk was enjoying the extra few metres of space . We climbed over to find The Crofter and Dad Crofter supping tea admiring their work - sans wall. "Its so we can get the digger in" I was informed. " But the digger got stuck down the croft because of the wet, soft ground so we took the land-rover down to pull it out. That got stuck too so the digger was next down and pulled the whole lot out" - no doubt in the cloud of black smoke I experienced when they stared it up.

The digger man [Dad] is digging the ground so another, yet another piggy house can be built to house the non-existent piglettes I expect. Meanwhile, the pigs are sleeping off their breakfast in the cow-byre, sunning their over-large builder-like bottoms in the sun.


  1. Love the first picture... beautiful soft focus...

  2. Actually its very slow orthochromatic film with no anti-halation layer. Its a film meant for copying cine film!


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