Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Looking south
!Looking north while Dad crofter carries on regardless
Looking west as Mum crofter checks the poorly lamb.
Twas a strange day yesterday. The day dawned bright after a night of rain and I thought I'd fill the remaining peat-bags ready for bringing home [ reminder to self- call Donald Four Tractors]. Trolled off down the road to see the Crofter and gosh, what a lovely day it was. Surely Piggy has had her piglettes now while the sun is shining and air is warm.
"Morning Sir" I heard coming out of my mouth. "What a lovely day it is" I rambled on. Then I turned round to snap-up Dad Crofter and noticed this big black cloud lurking over my little housey. Not just over my housey but seemingly over all of the north of the Isle of Lewis. I snapped up quickly - no piggies - new location for the twizler family - Mum Crofter nursing a little weak lamblette - and shot off home before the deluge. The deluge that never actually came as it happens. Must chek the way the wind is blowing in future!

BTW; the missing lamb that was out on the reseedings for three months with some white sheeps eventually came home today. And he was rather pleased to be there. Oh, and there is one less turkey today- the less said about that the better.

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  1. Top picture... it's as close to island paradise as it can get, at least to a kid who grew up in the city :-)


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