Thursday, 8 July 2010


"I'm not talking"
I wandered down to the Croft this morning, hair flying all over the place, fresh air in my lungs - which is no bad thing since I think the paper developer in darkroom is getting to me - and find The Crofters huddled round the back of the trailer. The big trailer that is. "What's going on ?" I asked. As I do. Apparently, as Chairman of the Board, Mr Crofter had been using the big trailer to store the un-used shelves from the village shop and now they were coming out. No doubt because it rather restricts the number of animals it might hold.
Still, I outed my new to me camera and snapped. You may notice the shape of the snaps. Panoramic eh? Not high-tech in my case but £2.30 worth.

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