Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Pig and Piggy back home again.
Pig makes her weary way homeward after a hard session ....... 'heavy petting' shall we say.

Mclaren has arrived. If you open your windows you can probably hear him chasing the sows around his new home, getting all hot and bothered and frothing at the mouth. He's a big Saddleback boar I can tell you, tusks and everything. And he seems able to do the job he was bought for too. Felt I was watching a porn movie out on the croft at one time. In fact we could have made one if Dad crofter had stayed bent over consoling Pig for a bit longer but he saw Mclaren out the corner of his eye, heard us falling around in helpless laughter and moved swiftly to one side. Pity, we could have made a fortune - only my little film camera does not do movies! Apart from that, we could have made a fortune - or at least dined out on the tale for a while.

In the end Pig and Piggy wanted to go home to their old sty without Mclaren and that's what they did. Turk wasn't impressed and neither was the Scottish Grey cockerel [aka 'Killer' because of his propensity for murderous tendencies.] I might add that Scots Greys are an endangered species and this little fella certainly is if he carries on like this!!!

However, if you would like some Saddleback piglets, one of the sows in preggers and is due July time. And the other sows shouldn't be far behind the way Mclaren is going !

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  1. Saddleback doing well. This week on TV i noticed an item about a pig breeder somewhere in Australia, who is trying to keep the Saddleback breed from 'dying out'in his area. (Overall I know next to nothing about the life of the pig.)


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