Monday, 3 May 2010


Sheeps and Lambletts before the storm
Pig having fun
The Storm starts
Handle-less digger thing.
Been away. Just a day or two but away all the same. And as a result the flow has subsided and a gap has appeared here so I will atempt to fill it.

Its all chaos down t'road at The Croft. Lambletts have hjust about all arrived. The place is littered with them. They're everywhere - in the garden too. That's where the nursery is. The calfs are doing just dandy too after a little worry with Sparticus and Dioginese - both are doing fine thank you very much.

The digger thing has been brought out of hibernation - only for the handle to fall off. Callum the blacksmith soon had it back in order although apparently he did wonder out loud whether the digger had been stored in the sea such is the state of the rust.

There is as usual minor chaos. One recent day The Crofter decided to move Pig and Piggy from their winter quarters for the day so the creatures-pork could rummage around in the little corner of the croft formerly occupied by the sheeps/lambletts nursery. This necesated a little walkette across what remain of the lawn where the nursery lambletts and Sheeps had been happily grazing in among lost chickens and ducks. The temporary fences where moved and immediately Turk moved in to attack the sheeps. The big bully soon was apprehended by Mum Crofter and led into the Gulag naughty-room[feed shed] to cool off for a while.

Meanwhile Dad Crofter was finishing feeding one of the little lambletts - it might have been Twinkletoes - when The Crofter opened the pig-home door and our came Pig followed closely by Piggy. Straight across the lawn they went intent on the food Mr Crofter was offering. The sheeps panicked and shot ahead of the Pork into their old nursery. Mr Crofter brandishing his wooden spoon soon chased out the sheeps and Lambletts but Pig was having fun and decided to chase them around the lawn. And she can move fast - when she wants to - which isn't that often as it happens. Lambletts, sheeps and duck went flying round the place before Pig decided a trough of mash was getting eaten - as usual by Piggy.

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