Thursday, 8 April 2010


En Plein Air

Miss Piggy is back home and hopefully expecting - although I am told that the dad is a most ugly creature so The Crofters are hoping the new little piglets take after Miss Piggy. Pig is not happy. I might add here; one does have to distinguish between Miss Piggy and Pig. Pig is the other one.

Juniors Spartacus and Dodgyknees are doing just fine too. Spartacus has at last found the right things to suckle on, mum Hyacinth feeling relief from all that milk in her udders too. The juniors are quite keen to get out and have a look around but when the sun is shining there's bound to be snow lurking over the headland.

Lambs have not started blinking in the sunlight yet. A trip down the croft to have a look for myself is in order today. Hopefully, The Crofter's knee will be happier since it was a tad sore after our little stroll down the coast from Ness the other day.

Later; three lambs decided to arrive by the time I ventured down the croft this morning. Tiny, Tim and Tulip were tippy-toeing around the croft. All doing fine.

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