Friday, 2 April 2010


Junior Spartacus II and The Crofter [on the left]
A job well done
Dad Crofter holds Hyacinth in place
Junior Spartacus III has been playing up a bit. The problem can be summarised like this; Mum has short legs. Spartacus has long legs. Hence Spartacus has been having trouble finding Mum's teats - which is a pity since she is full with milk. So The Crofter had to climb in, lasso mum, wrestle Spartacus into position, dodging mum's back end while she ungraciously poos and wees and generally creates havoc. I can report it was a successful operation.

Apologies. It seems like I got carried away with yesterday's report. Too much sunshine perhaps. It gets to me like that - blinded with happiness or something. Anyway, to correct matters, to put things back into perspective and dispel any misconceptions, I can tell you that I got it wrong. There is no Tolsta Guinea. Its Rowlston Guinea. So there.

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