Friday, 19 February 2016


I know it's not my thing but I present to you The Crofter in wonderful AgfaColour. Eh?
Yes, don't worry, I don't have too much of the stuff so we'll be back to monochrome in no time.

Must have been a darkish day when I went down with this film loaded in the little Pentax Espio Mini but I managed to find Mrs2be about to say her piece to the Baby Tractor.  No, I don't know why either.

Looks like it must have lightened up suddenly. It can't be the fault of the snapper can it? Surely not. There, that's The Crofter, Mr2be and all that. Still smiling too - at least he was at this point. Could have been wind I suppose. It has been a windy old winter after all. And wet. Did I tell you it rains here? Feeding up he was. The aminules.

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  1. Oh yes, it's a great blog this one as well!!
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