Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Yes, you have missed loads of posts. But then so have I. Life eh?

Still The Crofter is still doing well and more beings have moved into the wee house.
There's Gemmima of course; the wife2b busily painting everything pink, sorting out The Wedding and leaving the PoR to further deteriorate in the rain.

Then there's Jill, the barking dog and Roy the quiet and intelligent dog.

Dogs you say?

Yep, two of the things. Only, one barks it's head off when you arrive and sets off the whole village canine inhabitants. That's Jill, the supposed house dog - on account of it's, it's .... no idea actually since I prefer Roy, the 'working' dog who was meant to live in a specially constructed housey in the 'garden' but seems to spend most of it's life curled up on a chair by the stove. No doubt when there is work to be done, Gemmina will get The Crofter out of the dog-house where she had sent him and Roy will spring into life. Jill meanwhile will be barking!

Roy, The Crofter and Jill, the barking dog

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  1. Wonderful. I have a barking one and a quiet one and at the moment they are both asleep on my duvet or possibly under it.


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