Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Yes, The Crofter has been busy. The big shed is all but finished and to celebrate that and the return of Ms Gemmima Crofter, the Croft will soon be offering merch [branded merchandise for the uninitiated].

Firstly there will be The Big Shed model - made from recycled dentures from the tooth factory.
Then the commemorative The Crofters china plate with a lovely image of The Crofter and his fiancée Gemmima hand painted by my goodself at great expense - once I have bought the plate from the coop - I already have the paint from doing up the boat.

But the piece of resistance or whatever one calls it will be the PoR residue capsule [old film cannister] branded with Croft2a and containing a little bit of the PoR that has already fallen off.
All proceeds will go to the Help your local Crofter from Yaarkshire Fund. Payments will be possible through Western Island Mail transfer.
Remember, this Merch will be strictly a limited edition so please express your interest below asap.

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