Thursday, 4 December 2014


I spent an hour in the cold wind today - sans suitable head gear - snapping up The Great Man as he tried to persuade Tinga et al to get into their coow charabanc for a little ride from the mud to grass. Only, they didn't want to get in. I froze as The Crofter fell in the mud and other smelly stuff, Dad Crofter giggled and Gemma looked worried as The Boy Shaun turned away in disgust. Only thing was, the film in my Soviet camera refused to wind on so all The Great Man's theatricals were in vain! oops!

In the meantime I present to you Dad Crofter playing his "hay on a wheelbarra" version of Jenga . Of course it fell off, but not before Dad Crofter had trundled the whole affair into the garden! Nothing like mixing fun with work eh?

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