Thursday, 30 October 2014


There was a blockage in the road by the Crofter's place yesterday. As a nosey so and so, I wandered down to see what was up. It was a man who was up, on top of the motorised cargo carrier throwing sheeps food parcels off. I warned him not to hit the PoR since that might collapse into a pile of rusty dust!

Anyway, The Crofter, all smiling and what have you, swept out to survey the scene. Smiled again too - I knew something must be up. What with the newly delivered bags of coal, there was a lot to be moved.

O'er. It's her indoors, Ms Crofter arriving at a brisk walk. That's torn it. Might get told off now and everything. Yes me! Can you imagine?

Phew, Ms Crofter only came out to help the brave Crofter, rolling his,,, his,, whatever they are into the yard. Do you know, I think Ms Crofter fits in round here rather well already. And I didn't get told off either.

Oh, look how strong the young handsome Crofter is. Although he needs to start powdering his balding patch a bit to stop the camera glare!

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