Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Mr Crofter wandered past our little hoosey today along with a well dressed gentleman which immediately got my curiosity up. It seems they were off to have a look at Diogenes whom I hadn't seen for ages myself. So I tagged along, camera in hand.

Off we went down a croft towards the sea and soon a troop of sheeps joined in the stroll. 

There they are, The Crofter and Donald. It could have been a Murdo but here he was a Donald. Lives over there on the other bit of the island and everything. 

Looking at the coows and all. Pointing, saying important sounding things and The Crofter nodding vigorously. I took that as a positive sign. Mr Donald liked the look of Diogenes and why shouldn't he?

I left them to talk business, came home and sloshed some chemicals over my film.

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