Sunday, 29 June 2014


Mr Crofter was all eyes for the ladies, although he has a little something for Eric I have to tell you - what with his thick neck and massive rump. Eric the Bull not The Crofter. Although now I come to think........

Eric was keeping an eyes on Rosie and Rhianna - or whatever they are called. Having a quiet word in their shell-like as the other girls shouted and cried.

Of course The Crofter had to consort with the other buyers. Talk the talk and walk the walk. The latter may have been his tight jeans though. As it happens, there was a cafe there at the Mart. Not really worth going all that way for mind you but I did indulge and celebrated the deal with The Great Man with a strawberry cream tartlette. Eh? We were playing the part. Don't go on at me!

Soon it was time to load the goods. The box on wheels was lined with dried grass stuff for the beasts to sit on. Mr Crofter was still very happy at this point. I think I even caught him smiling. Perish the thought.

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  1. Sounds like you both enjoyed the little adventure. Looking forward to seeing photos of The Crofter having a go at milking... once he's recovered from having 'man flu' that is! :)


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