Sunday, 18 May 2014


Now please don't berate me for getting a bit slow on these here posts. I have a life you know. A bit of one anyway. The neg was holed up in the camera for a few days and I've only just released it after a localised sloshing in suitable chemicals.

As I mentioned before, I think, The Crofter has been playing with sheeps recently. Collected Teddy and his woolly-back pals from The Authoress' fieldette just over the road and up a bit. Up by the old charabanc awaiting further deterioration until it finally disappears into the earth. One of three old charabancs rotting in the village as it happens. I might have to re-snap up the others again soon.

Mr Crofter and his ever-patient father didn't have time to wait for the next bus so they drove the quad with Ted and Co aboard back to the other side of the village to meet their little Hebridean sheeps / Guinea-pig cross friends. The Crofters took the high road. Obviously.

Mum and Dad Crofter should be back on the island again now after their little trip to Inverness.

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