Monday, 24 February 2014


The Crofter is on holiday. Off on the Lofoten islands enjoying the rain and what have you. It's sunny here on the island BTW. I take full responsibility as The Crofter had not even heard of those northern islands before I gabbed on about them! Sorry and everything.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch all is going well. Dad and Mum Crofter have it all under control while the Boy Shaun is out on the grassy bit knitting fences or something. I didn't go down to see - it's not long stopped raining and it's very muddy underfoot I can tell you.

The girly coows are in on account of their nearness to calving. All now living in gorgeous designer Pied-a-terre near the croft housey. They like them I think especially when Dad Crofter sends in a bit more 'stuff' to lay on.

I don't always venture too close as I wish to retain my arms. And this girly seemed a little tense. Just too tense for comfort I thought. I snapped her up anyway. And then stepped back carefully to avoid a full-length inversion in the pig-hutch 'pool'.

The fowl seemed happy enough too in the sunshine, strutting this way and that and generally keeping out of the way of Turk and his missus - Mrs Bumblefoot. And keeping a wary eye out for Her Highness Henerietta Cartier-Bresson who had followed me down on my little stroll from my homestead. HHHCB is rather more frightened of the beaky ones so keeps her distance behind the wheely gate thing. It's cleaner there too - wouldn't want to dirty those delicate royal paws would we? Not when one can wait till one gets home and dive into the wetness at the bottom of the coal bunker before trolling up the white stairs. Eh?

Mum crofter seemed pleased with the jar of home made marmalade we gave her. Mum looked after HHHCB while we were away - along with Moira - to save Her Highness a few days in Colditz.

Oh the pleasures of life while The Crofter is away :-)

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