Saturday, 13 April 2013


There's been a bit of gate leaning today. Eve and Mum Crofter were gawping at the piglings running hither and thither round the place in the sunshine [now gone and replaced by a gathering storm].

See there's Mrs Pig - and no, I can't remember her name - maybe PigPig - one has to remember it's often The Crofter giving them names Eh? And there's a few of her Piglings creating havoc and trying to escape the croft.

Mum Crofter has been lamb-sitting. Keeping the little orphan mites alive and out of trouble as they sleep, eat and whatever lambs do. Here is Number 1, the first of the mites to be around the place and doing very well since you ask.

The Crofter is around - being grumpy as is his way from time to time. Still, the gate into the croft year has a nice new wheel - yes, Wheel - so it opens and closes oh so very nicely.

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