Friday, 7 January 2011


Oh dear

The snow is back again and coming down a lot more as I write. The Crofters have mixed feelings about this. On one hand the place looks nice and the ground is frozen or almost frozen so one doesn't sink up to your armpits in 'stuff'. But it also means that more feed has to be taken to the coows and the sheeps- who have also suffered a sad loss. My partner and I were strolling on the beach and came across two little black lambs who had fallen off the icy cliff to their demise. The Crofter's dad popped down to bring them back to give them a decent burial but sad very sad.

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  1. something about this picture with the window frame makes it look like someone did a lovely oil called "Still Life with Chickens" and hung it on the barn wall. Maybe it was found discarded in a junk shop, but good enough to make the barn look a bit more up-scale?


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